Student Journal

 Esta fue mi sexta escuela de español y estudié aquí durante 1 mes. Guacamaya es una escuela de propiedad y gestión familiar muy agradable. Pude ver que Enrique era totalmente confiable, ya que siempre me respondió rápidamente con respuestas precisas a mis preguntas sobre los muchos correos electrónicos que intercambiamos antes de que yo llegara allí. Entendió bien el caso cuando surgió un problema menor con el lugar donde me hospedaba (que era un lugar realmente agradable, con una excelente relación calidad-precio). Enrique también me llevó de regreso al aeropuerto con tiempo suficiente para tomar mi vuelo. Entonces, entre muchas otras cosas, aquí estarás en buenas manos.

La personalidad de mi maestra realmente coincidía con mi personalidad, y ella siempre se enfocaba en lo que necesitaba aprender mientras respondía a mis solicitudes. ¡Pasamos 5 horas al día juntos!

¡Recomiendo encarecidamente Copan Ruinas y Guacamaya Spanish School para experiencias memorables y avances en tu español! Por cierto, al considerar los esfuerzos de los proveedores directos de servicios, como la familia anfitriona y los maestros, use la palabra en español "PROPINA" (para "TIP"). La cultura hondureña no se opone a las propinas. W. R.


This was my sixth Spanish School, and I studied here for 1 month. Guacamaya is a very nice family owned and operated school. I could see that Enrique was rock-solid reliable as he always got back to me quickly with precise answers to my questions over the many emails we traded before I got there. He got right on the case when a minor issue came up with where I was staying (which was a really nice place, great value). Enrique also drove me back to the airport in plenty of time to make my flight. So, among many other things, you'll be in good hands here.

My teacher's personality really matched my personality, and she always focused on what I needed to learn while also responding to my requests. We spent 5 hours a day together!

I highly recommend Copan Ruinas and Guacamaya Spanish School for memorable experiences and advances in your Spanish!!! By the way, when considering the efforts of the direct providers of services such as the homestay family and teachers, use the Spanish word "PROPINA" (for "TIP"). Honduran culture does not oppose tipping. Walker.R. 

Hace un año

The best! I have been studying remotely with Enrique for over a year and my Spanish has improved so much! He is a joy to work with, I welcome his guidance and corrections and all the hours we spend conversing. I am so enchanted with the school that I have decided to go to Copan in the fall for a two-week immersion. I can't wait.

Rachael Naismith 

Sarah Ross

It was a real joy to live in Copán Ruinas! The tourists are warmly welcomed in this city. All the people you meet greet you and as the majority of trips are on foot, you feel immersed in the daily life of the "Copanecos". The city is very safe. We felt no tension and did not experience any incidents. I suggest you choose Copán with confidence.

To my surprise, there were many activities available in the area. We did, of course, visit the mythical Mayan site of Copán, a must! In addition, we traveled the surrounding mountains on horseback; we relaxed in natural springs; we discovered the exotic birds of the region including the magnificent macaw and we had the opportunity to learn more about the production of coffee and cocoa by visiting various plantations.

Let's not forget our cooperation work! Under the benevolent supervision of Enrique and in the company of the men of the Mayan community of Rincón del Buey, we worked on the construction of a concrete slab for a primary school. Being there, we also had the chance to work with the kids during classes. Finally, we helped a women's cooperative in Sesesmil prepare coffee plants. By living with families and working in a variety of contexts, students were able to practice Spanish and improve their vocabulary while living a unique cultural experience.

Spanish classes take place in a paradise garden. How not to mention the mango trees that fed the students during their lessons? It is a place for learning in an exotic context for Canadian students. All the teachers show great professionalism, a deep desire for sharing and a contagious good mood. Our teachers have all become friends.

Lastly, how can I not mention the invaluable support that Enrique offers to group leaders. For me, he was a friend, a counselor and even a dad depending on the circumstances. It's fabulous to have access to an expert from the region and his contacts at all times. With Enrique, and the great Guacamaya team, anything is possible! His unshakable calm, infectious smile, generosity, availability, sense of humor and impeccable organization put you in the best of hands. I hope you will have the chance to live this experience one day.


Quebec City, Canada

They are patient with me encouraging to me to learn more Spanish and give up my Spanglish!! My teachers are awesome!

I highly recommend Guacamaya!!