In Person Class

We offer Several Amazing Ways to Learn Spanish With Us!

At the Guacamaya Spanish School in Copan Ruinas, Honduras, you can learn by visiting us in person and learn 1 on 1 by native Spanish speaking teachers in a immersive environment. For those who need flexibility, want to get a head start before visiting, or want to keep their Spanish fresh between visits, you can take classes with us via Skype, online!

We also offer Volunteer-only trips where we plug you in with a local organization where you can volunteer and use your Spanish daily with locals while helping to make a difference in our community. This is a great way to practice your Spanish, or you can reinforce your Spanish after taking classes by then spending a week volunteering. No matter how you plan your learning journey, you'll have fun and meet new people while learning a new language!

The Learning Levels Of Spanish

Below are brief descriptions of each learning level of Spanish, to give some idea of what to expect depending on where you fall:


A beginner student understands a few words and simple phrases such as hello, goodbye, etc. In the beginning, they may understand conversations in the present tense, using simple vocabulary. When done, they should be able to both understand and hold simple conversations in the present tense which is great for feeling more comfortable traveling in Spanish speaking countries, or working with Spanish speaking people.


The student understands and responds to questions in the present and past tenses, and is able to describe in simple words his/her daily activities. He/she is able to hold conversations while both listening and speaking at normal velocity.


The student is able to initiate, sustain and terminate simple daily conversations concerning his/her daily activities, while using relevant vocabulary.


The student is able, by means of appropriate vocabulary, to initiate, sustain and terminate varied and complex conversations, deliver public presentations, and to discuss the pros and cons of different concepts. He/she is also able to write intelligible reports on a variety of subjects.