In Person Learning

Learn Spanish in a Spanish speaking country - 1 on 1.

Our In-person learning the the best way to fully immerse yourself in the Latin American culture in a Spanish speaking community in Central America. For 4 hours each day, you will have one on one class with a native Spanish speaker who will help you learn based on your level of comprehension. You can come without knowing any Spanish at all, or return to keep learning and improving. We cater to your needs.

Before starting a course, we give students take a short test to gauge their competency. This why we know where to begin your level of learning. You don't need to know any Spanish to begin in-person classes with us! We will tailor our instruction to suit your level, and since teaching is 1-on-1, you wont have to feel embarrassed in front of others or possibly more fluent, students. You will be amazed at how quickly you start improving, especially if you choose a homestay or stay in one of the locally owned BnBs.

Contact us now to book your In-Person Spanish Classes in Copan!