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Copan Ruins, Copan, Honduras

By: GSS | January 27, 2014

Copan Ruins, Honduras

by   BRANDON EDWARD   on  

CopanRuinRuinasHonduras We’ve seen Mayan Ruins from the Yucatan to Honduras.  We’ve tried to be Selective and, with the exception of   Chichen Itza , pick the more interesting and less traveled sites.  Copan is probably the last ruin we’ll see on this trip and the perfect combination of the aspects I liked about the others we visited.  For instance, at   Edzna   you could go just about anywhere you wanted, but the carvings weren’t near as interesting as say Chichen Itza.  At Chichen Itza you can’t go anywhere or touch anything and feel a bit cheated over the whole experience.  At Copan, they’ve built pathways throughout the ruins and you get an...

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