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Copan Ruins, Copan, Honduras

Activities in Copan Ruinas

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The Copán region offers a fantastic array of activities when you're not in class. We're happy to arrange for you any of the activities below:

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World Famous Mayan Ruins


Come and discover the fascinating history and art of one of the world's most renowned ruins.

Visit the main ruins and Sculpture Museum, as well as nearby Las Sepulturas, where the chiefs, scribes, and geologists lived.


 Agua Caliente (Hot Waters)

Walk into the 360° View to see the multiple points.

Enjoy the soothing waters or steam bath in this mountain retreat just 20km from town.

En route from Copán you will learn about the nature and agriculture of the Copán region.


 Hacienda San Lucas

One of the most beautiful ranches in Copán Ruinas, with a splendid view jst 2 km. from downtown. You have the choice of a refreshing hike or travel by horseback. Also on the grounds of the hacienda is the ancient Maya fertility site of "Los Sapos".


El Rubí Waterfalls

A lovely waterfall just 9 km. from Copán Ruinas, El Rubí is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing swim.

En route enjoy a lovely nature hike through a cool pine forest.


 Horseback Riding

For those with a thirst for adventure, enjoy a memorable ride through the lovely Copán Valley, or along the Copán River.

Or climb into the hills to meet the local indigenous people.


 Bird and Butterfly Watching

The Copán region offers a wide range of options for nature lovers.

The famous Macaw Mountain Bird Park & Nature Reserve is just minutes from town.

Also nearby is the Enchanted Wings Butterfly& Orchid Farm. We can recommend several renowned birding guides to view some of the 300 native and migratory species that make Copán their home.


 Hiking & Caves Explore

For nature lovers, the hiking nearby is superb.

Within easy reach of town are numerous trails leading to idyllic waterfalls and panoramic views.


Discover the marvelous caves of the Copán region. This tour is for the truly adventurous only, as you will climb up boulders to the cave entrance, then ford a subterranean stream deep inside the Boqueron cave, located just 45 minutes from downtown Copan Ruinas.

A simply unforgettable journey.


  Local Maya Sculptor


Discover our Maya heritage by visiting local sculptorswho work with stone, wood and bone in the style of the ancient Maya.


  Visit Indigenous Communities

Follow a path of indescribable beauty to visit indigenous Chortí Maya communities.

These people are directly descended from the ancient Maya.

Discover their history, and immerse yourself in their timeless way of life.


 Visit a Coffee Plantation


Come and learn about the coffee-making process -- before it reaches yourbreakfast table.

Watch the product get cut, washed, dried, and processed, the buy a pound or two to take back home.

 Celaque National Park

Group tours are available to one of the most beautiful parks in Honduras, located at an altitude of over 8,000 feet. This park is renowned for the rare flora and fauna found only in cloud forests.

 Dance and cooking classes

We are happy to arrange dance classes as well as cooking classes where you can acquaint yourself with the delicious local cuisine.

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